MaxiScoop™ Extra Large Metal Cat Litter Scoop

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The New, Pain-Free Way To Scoop Cat Litter!

Experience the holy-grail in Cat Litter Scoop! Complete a necessary chore with ease when using this ultra-durable, metal, non-stick coated deep shovel/sifter combo. That was a mouthful! The ideal spacing of slots pick up smaller clumps and sifts more litter leaving you with nothing but the good stuff (clean litter). A reinforced front edge allows you to plow right through any clumping without having to scrub back and forth! Cleaning the litter box doesn’t have to be a difficult chore, and now it won’t be!

Key Value Benefits:

  • Save Money and cut Cat Litter Expenses by 3
  • All-black solid cast aluminum with wider front edge design to clean deep corners
  • Non-stick finish makes cleaning up after your pet a stress-free process
  • Ergonomically designed handle allows you to scoop/sift larger amounts at a time
  • Easy to clean – hose it off. Done!
  • Comes with convenient plastic holder – keep your cat’s restroom area tidy and organized!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x MaxiScoop™ Extra Large Metal Cat Litter Scoop with holder

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this cat litter scoop pick up annoying small clumps too?

Yes! This litter scooper is efficient in grabbing large and smaller clumps. Slots measure about 5/32” across and picks up more mess than other scoops.

  1. Does it easily pick up wet clay messes at bottom of litter box?

Because the cat litter scooper is metal and non-stick it will stand the test of time compared to other plastic scoops. The handle is sturdy to allow for scraping along bottom and sides of litterbox as needed.

  1. How do you wash this scoop?

Generously douse in water in a utility sink or spray with the hose. Please never attempt to wash any kitty litter scoop in your dishwasher!


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