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Love To Play With Your Cat?

Cats Go Absolutely CRAZY For This NEW Robot Bug Toy!

Cats love this Robot Bug because of it's unpredictable movements and it's a true challenge for all cats!

Here are some tips and tricks for using it:

 A Box - Put your Robot Bug in a box. It can't disappear under the couch now, and it will be easier for your cat to capture it.

 Fabric - Hide the Robot Bug under a thin piece of fabric, like a bandana.

 A Paper Bag - Put your Robot Bug into a small paper bag and watch your cat respond to the noise and movement. Oh, this is really fun.

 Plastic Bag - Try putting the Robot Bug into a zip-lock bag. Once inside the bag, you can put the Robot Bug on soft surfaces, such as the bed, and the toy can move, make noise, but won't get lost.



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