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Improve Your Smartphone's Camera Lens While Capturing Memorable Moments.

Mobile phones are always with us. And their camera. But sometimes, you simply wish you had your DSLR or faithful compact with powerful lenses and sensors in your pocket, for those unrepeatable and memorable moments.

This 10 in 1 lens kit works on universal cell phones as well as many other smartphone brands. It is very easy to use and you can change lenses very easily on the go. The kit also includes a Zipper case and a lens clip. Taking photos has never been more fun and enjoyable, taking pictures with friends or alone for those artistic Instagram posts! 


  • 10 IN 1 CAMERA LENSES THAT TURNS ORDINARY PICTURES INTO ARTWORKS: Enjoy the high-quality technical image effect, whether you're traveling, hiking or out with friends, perfect for taking photos you can change these lenses freely. 
  • HIGH QUALITY CELL PHONE LENS AND EASY TO USE: Very professionally manufactured product made from aluminum,not cheap plastic,to increase the durability of the product,Put the clip install on phone camera and make sure the lens is aligned with phone camera lens.(it's better to use without phone case)Shooting artwork pictures by using your smartphones with our phone camera lens kit, enjoy the technical image effect.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY & USE GUIDE: Universal detachable clamp design, work on popular brands and models of smartphones and tablets.
  • Wide-Angle & Macro Lenses: The wide-angle and macro lenses arrive screwed together for easy storage. To the wide-angle lens, simply attach both lenses to the clip that is provided. To use the macro lens, simply unscrew the wide-angle lens. Make sure you keep each lens clean with the included cleaning cloth.


Product Specifications

  • The fisheye lens allows you to create panoramic and hemispherical images 
  • The macro lens zooms in for an extra close-up so you can take photos of very small objects creatively 
  • The wide-angle lens is specific for landscape images that you can take of your surroundings. 
  • The kaleidoscope lens lets you take visually artistic images of anything you like, it works by an overlap of the picture in a colorful way. 
  • The Telephoto lens allows you to magnify when you are too far away from the source. 
  • The Flow filter lens takes an image where there is movement dynamics creatively, enhancement of background blur. 
  • Star filter is used for glamorous photos, during nightlife and anything bright and reflective 
  • Radial Filter allows you to attract the eye to a certain part of the photo you like in a creative way. 

Notes: When using the macro lens to shoot, it's normal to become blur at the beginning. Place your smartphone very close to the object being photographed, the distance is about 1-4cm, only in this way, the mobile phones can be achieved focus.

15x macro lens and 0.63x wide lens is screw together upon receiving, unscrew the wide lens, you can get the macro lens.

Package Includes

  • 0.63X Wide lens & 15X Macro 
  • 2X Telephoto lens
  • 198°Fisheye lens
  • Kaleidoscope lens 
  • CPL filter
  • Flow filter
  • Radial filter
  • Star filter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • EVA Pouch Bag


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