BackFortify™ Premium Back Support Pillow Memory Foam

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Feel Great While Sitting With BackFortify™ Professional Back Support Pillow!

Tired of lower back pain while sitting?

It requires conscious effort to sit in a healthy posture on a normal chair. Let go, and you’ll soon find yourself going into the familiar slouch.

But now you can simply sit on a Back Fortify™, with your tail bone aligned to the rear edge, and you will receive the precise biomechanical support you need to have your posture naturally aligned.

You can simply sit in comfort, without any conscious effort, and receive a gentle on-going stimulation that will naturally counteract the destructive process of sitting still.

Our Back Fortify™ - Professional Back Support Pillow is a durable, adjustable support for effortless back pain relief wherever you go! Thoughtfully constructed, making it uniquely effective compared to other back supports!


  • Adjustable: You have a unique body. Every chair is different. The Back Fortify™ fits perfectly in between.

    It can attach to almost any seat with it’s adjustable belt.

  • Allows movement: You don’t want to sit still for long periods. That’s destructive. The Back Fortify™ let’s you move while still supporting you, finally ridding you of the tyranny of unnatural seats.
  • Reduce pressure in your spine: an effortless way to help reduce pressure in your spine, increase blood circulation to back muscles and spinal discs, leading to greater vitality in your back.
  • Maintains a healthy upright position: support letting the complex nerves and muscles around your spine produce natural adjusting actions while you sit (called proprioceptive action) for maintaining a healthy upright posture. 
  • Lower back stretcher: to relax back muscles and improve hydration to your lower spinal discs: simply by laying down with your lower back over a lightly inflated Back Fortify™ . Aiding in relieving aches, pains and fatigue.


  • FIRM SUPPORT: Soft and yielding enough to allow natural movement, but strong enough to hold your weight over time, without flattening or collapsing like you’d find with feathers or foam.
  • DURABLE: Made from premium materials, the cushion shapes itself according to your back and body shape, and evenly distributes the weight for balance and posture, comfortably absorbing weights up to 350 LBs, making this a long term investment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE & ADJUSTABLE: Light enough to take wherever you go. The adjustable strap will fit almost any chair, or seat. Can be used on a couch without the strap. Can be carried with you, so you never need to suffer pain outside your home again.
  • BREATHABLE COVER: The removable polyester 3D mesh cover is machine washable for quick and easy cleaning. It keeps the cushion well ventilated, to avoid sweat and smells

Package includes

  • 1 x Back Fortify™ - Professional Back Support Pillow

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