Glittering Plumping Lip Serum

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👄Instant Plumping Up!!👄A lip plumper for immediate satisfaction and long-term results; this is a day-and-night-use serum. Your lips will appear full and thick from your very first application and naturally become plumper overtime.⭐️Feature⭐️
  • Deep moisturizing, nutritious, improved dehulling. Give your lips a long lasting luscious color.
  • A concentrate of black bean sprouts, isoflavones are rich in active phytoestrogenic ingredients, Isoflavones promote collagen synthesis. 
  • Increase lip elasticity, activate cell regeneration, reduce fine lines, resist aging, repair the lips and make them fuller.
  • The lip balm increases volume and outlines the lips, making them visually more voluminous, thick and smooth. For women who want to have fuller, plumper, sensuous lips.
  • Lithe, it is silky and lithe as air, make your lips comfortable, Make your lips beautiful and care lips.

⭐️How to use⭐️

  • Remove lipstick or lipgloss before applying the Instant Lip Plumping Serum
  • Apply the Instant Lip Plumping Serum to the upper and lower lips 2-3 times per day. (For Long Lasting Results)
  • A slight tingling sensation that can last up to 5 minutes is normal
  • Get plumper, fuller lips instantly 
⭐️Package Includes⭐️
  • 1x Glittering Plumping Lip Serum 

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