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#1 Best Seller
#1 Best Seller

“How can I have a Shapely Waist, Smooth Thighs and a Butt to-die-for with no Diet?” you ask. Shaper Shorts is the secret

Let’s face it, as women our bodies transform. Our body is a reflection of our life; motherhood, stress, aging. Although these experiences enrich us, they take a toll on our figure.
With Shaper Shorts you can stop worrying about it and revel in who you really are; that beautiful woman reflected in the mirror after trying Shaper Shorts.

Show off your Figure, let your True Self Shine. Wear Whatever, Whenever…

Maybe you just gave birth or had surgery and have gained a few pounds, you can still look awesomely smooth and curvaceous for that special day, or any day, with this body-sculpting Shaper Short. They provide invisible support with unbeatable comfort.

Whatever you Wear you’ll Look Awesome

Say goodbye to unwanted bulges. Shaper Shorts eliminate these and give you a smooth line. Not only that, they also give shape to your legs and lift the butt, so you look hot in anything you decide to wear.


5 reasons why Shaper Shorts rock:

  • No Bunching-up, Rolling Down or Up From Waist and Legs. They give you freedom of movement and the No-Slip Strip ensures a stay-put fit.
  • The Natural Shaping Effect Reveals your Luxurious CurvesThe “Tuck & Lift” design not only gives you all-round support but jaw-dropping voluptuousness.
  • Did you Say “I Forgot I Had Them On”?That’s due to the soft, lightweight, breathable fabric. No one, not even you, will be aware of your secret; Shaper Shorts!
  • Gets Rid of Panty Linesbecause the design gives you smoothness from top to bottom.
  • Firmness & Comfort are in BalanceNobody wants firmness when they can’t breathe. Shaper Shorts envelope you in softness while eliminating unwanted lumps.

Still not convinced…

Check out the feedback from our customers then ask yourself, “Don’t I want the same slimming results, instantly?” If the answer is yes, Shaper Shorts are for you.



Size Chart

Size (inches) Waist
S 22
M 26
L 29
XL 30
2XL 35
3XL 40
4XL 45


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