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Magic Embroidery Mat Brush

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Magic Embroidery Mat Brush Description

Tha Magic Embroidery heavy-duty felting pad features a sturdy light blue plastic base filled with top quality, durable & hard wearing plastic fibre bristles.

Our felting mat is an excellent addition to your felting kit & is the best quality to suit your felting needs whether you are a beginner or a felting enthusiast.

Unlike similar products such as sponge or foam molds, our mat provides you with the ideal hardness & density for felting & applique without damaging the garments or needles.

As well as ensuring a tight knit between the felt & fabric, the plastic fibre mat also protects your needles from damage & going blunt from use. With little resistance, both the material & tools will keep their perfect condition.

Also, because the surface of our mat is made up of plastic bristles, you don't have to worry that your work will felt into the mat when pressing your needle through it. Use assorted colours of wool or yarn & create amazing designs.


  • Brush Size: approx. 11cm/4.3"x9cm/3.5"x3.5cm/1.3" (Lx W x H)
  • Package includes: 1pc X Magic Embroidery Mat Brush 
  • Place the applique over the basic fabric and pierce lightly with the Felting Needle Tool . The fibers will become interlaced ,attaching the motif to the fabric beautifully
  • The Magic Embroidery Mat Brush enables smooth punching with little resistance and allows the fibers of the applique to become well meshed with the basic fabric

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