Portable Facial Hair Removal Tool

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Remove facial hair without any creams, wax, and shavers with the Portable Facial Hair Removal Tool!

Finally, a way to get that silky, hair-free look, ideal home brings you threading system. Threading is a time-honored method of hair removal, it works by having the twisted thread loops capture and remove hairs from the follicle. Its a device holds the thread exactly like the professional aesthetician, enabling you to perform a threading hair removal on your own. Remove hair safely and easily any time a stray hair pops up from cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip, arms, legs, and even fingers and toes.

The Portable Facial Hair Removal Tool is the do-it-yourself, spa face and body hair threading system that provides no pain and no skin irritations. it's safe, hygienic, and mess-free. Removes hair from the root for slow regrowth. Compact easy to handle single handed design allows for easy carrying while traveling. Fits perfectly inside a purse or travel bag.

  • Eliminate annoying unnecessary facial hair. The real Deluxe depilatory, you will like it.
  • Save money and time: everything you need is in a box. Far easier than wax, much cheaper than cream or laser treatment.
  • Perfect camouflage fashion handbag companion; waterproof shower; suitable for nose, ears, legs, armpits, bikini parts of the hair. Easy to use anytime, anywhere, or comfort and privacy in your own home.
  • There are no more embarrassing scenes. Moderate enough for daily use.
  • Remove facial hair from the roots without damaging your skin.

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