Professional Cat Comb Deshedding Grooming Tool


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Regularly grooming your cat and vacuuming hair from your house should minimize the inconvenience of shedding.

This professional, sturdy cat comb - deshedding grooming tool comes highly recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers, and Pet Professionals:

  • Effectively reduces shedding by up to 90%,
  • Can be used on Small, Medium and Large Cats with short, medium and long hair. So you don't have to worry about unsightly, annoying hair all over your floor, furniture or car.
  • Non-slip rubber of the handle provides a good sense of gripping.
  • Quickly and easily remove loose hair, especially thick undercoats.
  • Great for detangling and dematting.

Grooming Tips:

  1. Starting from the neck, front to back, up to down in turn. Comb from the neck to the shoulder, and then turn to the back, chest, waist, abdomen, rear, then comb the hair, and finally the feet and the tail.
  2. If there are knots, we recommend using the dematting rake first.
  3. Please control your strength and attention on the thickness of the hair.

Material: High Quality ABS + Stainless Steel

Length: 13cm/5.11in

Color: Pink, Blue


Small: 5cm/1.99" (for cats up to 4kg/8lbs)

Medium: 6.6cm/2.59" (for cats 4-10kg/8-22lbs)

Large: 10cm/3.93" (for cats above 10kg/22lbs)



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