Women Thin Waist Corset

$ 19.99

Stop being ashamed of your body!

This corset is specifically designed to give you a thinner body, thanks to the pressing effect on your small belly.

It will give you a better look so that you won't have to feel ashamed of your body and will enjoy your time outdoor with friends and family.

It will also help your posture and your body.


  • Item condition: 100% brand new, unopened 
  • Feature: Underbust 
  • Occasion: Party, Work, Celebration, Wedding, Everyday 

SIZE     Length                   For people waist                        Height

L          52cm/20.47''           70-80cm/27.55-31.49''              21cm/8.26''

XL        57cm/22.44''           80-90cm/31.49-35.43''              21cm/8.26''

XXL      62cm/24.40''         90-100cm/35.43-39.37''             21cm/8.26''


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